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Get more ice for the price. Ice-O-Matic machines typically produce more ice over a 24 hour period. After 10 years, that can add up to 50 tons of additional ice. That's a whole lot of frozen water.

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There's a purposeful simplicity to Ice-O-Matic ice machines. They're not only designed to be more productive, but also to be easier to service. And they deliver what you need most, more ice. Which is always a beautiful thing.

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Ice-O-Matic machines are designed with simplicity in mind. We don't bother with complicated electronics or LED readouts, and the end result is easier to maintain, more reliable products.

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Ice and soda are just meant to be together. And with our new machines that seamlessly integrate with the latest multi-flavor dispenser technology, ice and soda can exist in perfect harmony. A match made in heaven.

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Fancy ice machines don't make ice better. Just more complicated. Ice-O-Matic ice machines are simply designed to provide more affordability over the long haul. Which saves you money. And also happens to give you more ice.

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The Cold, Hard Facts


    Cleaning and maintaining our machines is easier by design, which makes them more productive. Watch our short demonstration film. Proof is but a click away.

    The Proof

    Our Harvest Assist system was the first on the market, and is still the best. This innovative and proven solution leads to higher production of drier, better quality ice.

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    Proudly made in the U.S.A. for more than 60 years, Ice-O-Matic has produced one thing and one thing only, since 1952: more productive ice machines.

    About Us

    Our proprietary Top Air Discharge option lets you place your Ice-O-Matic machine practically anywhere, which saves your employees unnecessary steps. And increases productivity.

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Here's The Scoop

Do you have to pull key employees away from important work to refill ice machines during peak hours? Are you concerned about the sanitary issues of bucketing and transporting ice? Do you need a lot more ice than your floor space or current ice machine allows for? Well your prayers have been answered with Ice-O-Matic's ICE0926 and ICE0726 ice machines.

These aren't just any old ice machines. The ICE0926 and ICE0726 are high-volume cubers that complete Ice-O-Matic's line of 22" machines, with capacities ranging from 250 – 900 pounds. These bad boys are the largest capacity, conventional remote-cooled machines that will fit on 22" or 26" multi-flavor dispensers. In addition, you can team two machines on an upright bin to meet the needs of high volume foodservice and retail applications where production redundancy reduces the likelihood of running out of ice.

Still need convincing? The ICE0926 produces 44% more ice and is 11.5" shorter than the Hoshizaki KM-650MRH. Now that's a good deal.

Reducing labor, saving valuable space and keeping drinks filled means your employees and customers stay happy. And that makes us happy, too.

View the specifications sheets for the ICE0926 and ICE0726.

ICE0926 ice machine on B70 bin ICE0926 ice machine on B42 bin
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